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Alaba International Market, Correcting The Populace Mind And Setting The Record

Posted by on 03/09/2020 0



I will start by quoting Edmund Burke where he stated “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Yesterday after a busy day at work I was just on my stroll on nairaland front-page when a particular topic caught my attention I carefully read all the comments and I think it’s necessary to create this topic to correct notions identify many issues concerning the market and business related activities and set the record straight.

Alaba international market is a very big market(biggest electronics market in west-africa) even though we have the electrical section,industrial section, fancy and furniture section that is categorised , each of this section of the market have their union leader with a task force set up in over seeing the day to day activities of the Market. The electronics section is splitted into two the IMAE( You get most of the new electronics here and also tokunbo though not major) and is headed by the able leadership of Evangelist Paulinus Ugochukwu( MD sound prince company limited) then the St Peter’s axis this where you get most of your tokunbo items.

As a first timer at Alaba you will be approached by a lot of osoafia hustlers some are genuine(looking for their daily bread and hustling to better their lives) while most of them are there to rip you off without conscience now most times they work on your greed, someone will approach you to tell you he will give you a Samsung 32″ LED TV for 15k and so many outrageous prices like that if you fall for this first and cheap scam then you are your way to come create more topics about how you were scammed at Alaba.

These scammers and fraudsters have their rings and are connected it’s likely you don’t escape their bitter pill when you fall in the hand of one of them the best to do is to be wary of their subtle devices. It’s worthy to also note that these set of people are both Yoruba and Igbos because it was terribly seeing so many people playing the tribal game and associating a particular tribe to the cheap scam that happens daily, the Yoruba osoafia guy will approach you and poison your mind on why you shouldn’t patronise a Igbo guy and with trust you believe him the same thing an Igbo guy will do too(note that are all same ring both the Yoruba and Igbos) their major aim is to rip you off.

I stated earlier that there are task force that handles all the issues concerning each section of the market the main thing is identifying the section you transacted from and go and report immediately , identify the task force chairman it will be easier solving your case.

There are alot of genuine and hardworking traders in the market the same way you can’t Cross out the bad guys in such a big market like that(they always have their way round) the only thing is making sure you are observant and detect any shady deals before paying for an item, read the receipt issued to you before signing.

And lastly that an item is tokunbo doesn’t mean it should go for an outrageous pricing unless you are buying non tested, some particular item in tokunbo are costlier then the new ones (depending on the country of import and manufacturer).



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